• To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to practice the content areas of health care in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To provide content that addresses the attitudes, health needs, practices, interests, and strengths of culturally diverse populations.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, assess, implement, and evaluate health programs for children and adolescents.
  • To provide the necessary content and pedagogy to facilitate interactive learning that relates to health in the classroom setting.
  • To provide up-to-date and developmentally appropriate materials, methods, and resources for students.
  • To provide opportunities for conducting research, advanced study,  and/or personal growth related to school health education.
  • To provide an avenue for professional development, continue  education and an opportunity to develop the skills and strategies for  helping to promote change within school of health education.
  • The School of Health is a professional school whose mission is to advance the science and art of health teaching and learning. The  school is responsible for preparing students to work with individuals  from birth through adulthood. The school strives to maintain a high standard of excellence in its programs and seeks to develop health  workers that are committed to life-long learning, intellectual honesty, personal integrity, and respect for the rights and freedom of others.


We will continue to develop the positive ethos and learning culture throughout the school community with a commitment to continual improvement and meeting the very highest expectations.
We will continue to encourage a strong and effective partnership with parents and the local community.
We will continue to develop the literacy, creativity and communication skills so necessary for students to access the curriculum and take a full part in society.
We will take every opportunity to reward pupils and enhance their self-esteem whilst supporting one another in demanding the highest academic and social standards.
We will offer a broad and balanced curriculum which evolves to reflect the needs of pupils and the demands of modern society.
We will nurture an atmosphere of trust between students, staff, administrators and parents
We will promote a positive attitude towards creativity, allowing students to actively engage in the learning process
• By providing a wide variety of stimulating learning experiences, allowing students to acquire the concepts, skills and attitudes necessary to develop their full individual potential
• By helping students to assess their own abilities and become independent learners, able to solve problems, work in groups and set priorities
We will promote a sense of community in the school so that students and staff develop a sense of belonging to the school
• By providing a stable, secure and welcoming atmosphere for all individuals within the school
• By providing opportunities for students to develop friendships outside the classroom and by offering recreational activities We will encourage cultural understanding, tolerance and the enjoyment of diversity
• By exposing students to different cultures through a well planned international curriculum mindful of the views and beliefs of others
We will develop self-esteem and a sense of respect for others
• By encouraging communication in both social and academic environments between all members of the school community
• By becoming aware of one’s own personal beliefs and attitudes, as well the wider significance of local and global issues
• In environment in a context of social, moral, multi-cultural and spiritual awareness.
We will address the need for ongoing staff and curriculum development
• By continuous evaluation of present and future needs
• By appraising the staff and offering it access to relevant professional development of a high international standard
We have committed, experienced and qualified staff and well equipped facilities operating on a sound financial basis
• By transparent financial management, keeping the school in a healthy economic situation
• By forward-looking strategic planning, open communication with the local, national and international community to integrate the school in an environment that is supportive both intellectually and materially